A lot more than just space

Competitive pressures are forcing high tech companies to focus on their core business competency and to look for more cost effective Materials Management and Distribution options. Material in Motion is the right option, with the people and tools to manage the complexity and depth of our customers’ Procurement and Logistics needs.

Full Service Procurement and Material Management Capabilities

Material in Motion can provide a full range of Procurement and Materials Management services for specific short-term projects or for on-going product programs. We can establish direct relationships with the supply base or, when needed, assist in Supplier/AVL selection, and we will help drive cost reduction efforts.

Replacement and Order Processing

Our Materials Management system will schedule replacement shipments back to end customers, based upon criteria set forth by third party vendors, repair centers, or by the client. Then our logistics team will promptly ship the replacement parts directly to your customer with your packaging and shipping specifications. Real time tracking information and order replacement can be easily obtained.

Logistics & Warehousing Services

Material in Motion also provides a full range of Warehousing and Distribution related services. • Storage Racks, Open Floor Space, Secure Storage • Receiving Inspection and Quality Assurance • Lot Number and Serial Number Control • Weekly Cycle Counting • Inventory Consignment • Packaging, Repackaging, Banding, Shrink Wrapping, and Palletizing • Break Bulk, Cross Dock, Pooled Distribution and Consolidation Services • Full Distribution Capabilities, Including Pick and Pack • 24/7 Dispatch or Will-Call Services, Local Same Day Deliveries • Transportation Management

Value Added Services Including Auto Replenishment

• Multiple Same Day Local Deliveries • No Purchase Orders Necessary • Electronic Demand Capabilities • Vendor Managed Inventory Logistics • Import/Export Logistics Management