... one person’s rock is another’s jewel.

Marketing programs, constant innovation and ever-shorter product life-cycle leave companies with under-utilized inventory: trade-ins, customer returns, demo and loaner systems, mismatched product mix, excess and end-of-life product, and mismatched product configurations.


Material in Motion will create a customized solution that maximizes revenue capture opportunities, while minimizing costs and liabilities associated with the redeployment process. We provide remanufacturing, refurbishing, and systems integration services; and we have marketing strategies and partners for managing the sales of these products. The challenges companies must meet in creating a successful Asset Recovery Program have already been met by Material in Motion, allowing our customers to focus their resources on new product ramp-up, marketing and deployment.

Customer Benefits

• Convert idle Assets into Revenue
• Reduced resources allocated to managing under-utilized inventories
• Real Time Tracking via the Internet
• Customized Reporting