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Material in Motion provides a range of services that allows our customers to execute their production without having to worry about setting up the heavy infrastructure and hire the technical staff necessary to execute. Our customers can focus their energy and resources on design and innovation where we make their thoughts come to life.

Project Management

Our program management team is led by talented Program Managers who work closely with personnel from all departments to achieve blazing fast and quality implementations.
We create dedicated cross-functional teams that are made up from all aspects of the business - engineering, manufacturing, quality, materials management, distribution and systems development. This group will stay with a project from concept design to distribution, becoming an extension of our customer's own staff.

The Material in Motion philosophy of project management is to get to know our customers need very well. We want to understand your objectives, priorities, and delivery needs. Together, we can apply the full resources of the company to meet or exceed your goals. Our Program Managers can lead a project from product concept through end of life, providing customers with support, problem solving and leadership at every phase of a project.


Material in Motion has been committed to providing OEMs, VARs, ISVs and Solution Providers with best-in-class components at competitive pricing. The same procurement managers that search the globe for components for Material in Motion’s customers also work to find components and other materials used in the contract manufacturing process.

The result, is that based on the order volumes and existing vendor relationships built by Material in Motion, the Contract Manufacturing Center is able to procure components, stabilize pricing, reduce transaction costs and quoting time, and obtain improved pricing for all contract manufacturing customers.


Material in Motion's Contract Manufacturing Centers provide complete box-build and full system assembly for high-end computing hardware; our dedicated and experienced staff is able to manage complex assemblies with precision and a focus on quality.

Material in Motion looks at the assembly process as a partnership and is eager to work with the customer to establish program management and manufacturing thresholds that result in a consistent box-build process flow. In addition, the globally positioned Contract Manufacturing Centers have established procedures to incorporate engineering and design changes into the assembly procedure. The goal is to provide a flexible manufacturing strategy that can support customers' pre-production and production requirements.

Disassembly / Refurbishing

Beyond assembling new systems, Material in Motion is also offering its customers Hi-tech disassembly programs that contribute to the proper disposition of the end-of-life products. This allows customers and partners to value their waste and reuse the components still up-to-date in refurbished units. Material in Motion is dedicated to ensure disposition of E-Waste in a environment friendly manner.


The Material in Motion management team pays careful attention to continuous process improvement to deliver the highest achievable quality at the lowest possible delivered cost.

Material in Motion's management team is involved from the beginning of the project. This assures consistency in manufacturing. Our in-house process is reviewed on a weekly basis in order to find ways to improve our manufacturing processes. All processed data, in addition to any customized reports, is tracked and communicated to our customer to ensure our quality standards.

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