Within Material in Motion we are committed to provide products and services which meet the customers’ specified contractual and project requirements. We are totally committed to setting and achieving quality standards that are capable of meeting, in all respects, the specified requirements and reasonable expectations of our customers.

Material in Motion develops and maintains a Quality Management System that conforms to ISO 9001-2015 so that we can provide and maintain a consistently high quality in all work we undertake. Our Quality Management System ensures that proper communication, work control and quality documentation are generated for all work undertaken.
All members of the Material in Motion team are charged with promoting these aims and are required to familiarize ourselves with the contents of the Quality Manual which defines the Quality Management System that has been established and adopted as the means for achieving these declared objectives.
Everyone connected with Material in Motion participates in quality management training and attends regular quality review meetings.

Total Quality Management applies to every aspect of our activity and quality is the responsibility of everyone, in every activity, throughout our organization.